Technical Training Introduction- FAQ’s

How it works and answers for frequently asked questions:

Each participant will be required to register and create their own unique USER ID and password @ and register/reserve/purchase their own course(s)/spot(s).

Select which course type you would like:

Virtual – the participant will receive virtual Zoom meeting information and the course materials.

In-person – the participant will reserved a seat at the desired location and the course materials. Seats are limited.

Self-Study course(s) – the participant will receive all course material and prerecorded videos of the Live class presentation. The Self-Study course can be started & completed as you would like, the quiz must be taken and passed and the course completion at 100% to receive course credit and hours.

Upon completion of the Zoom or In-person session, each participant will need to sign into their account and complete a quiz, which must be taken and passed and the course completion at 100% to receive course credit and hours.

For multiple people viewing the Zoom meeting in the same room, only 1 person needs to sign into the Zoom Meeting.

NATE ID information can be added to your profile found in the My Account area. If you add your NATE ID to your account we will submit your CEU’s to NATE on your behalf. All certificates will have the NATE course ID for your records.

How to Register/Purchase a Course:

If you are purchasing the course for yourself you can simply add the course to your cart and at checkout, remember to add an Account # or PO for processing.

You can add as many courses as you would like to your cart.

If you want to purchase the course for someone else.

First you will need to purchase a “Technician Training Coupons“. Each coupon code credit has a $45.00 course value. Each Course is $45.00. You can purchase as many training coupon credits as you would like.

All Training Coupon Credits will be BILLED to the dealer’s Carrier Enterprise South Central account. Your account number and a PO are required to purchase Technician Training Coupons. If you do not have an account use “COD” and we will reach out to assist.

An order confirmation email will be sent with the coupon code(s) once the order processing is completed.

If you have multiple techs, you will need to purchase a coupon, for each participant, for each course. Example you have Tech-A, Tech-B, and Tech-C. Between the 3 technician’s, you would like to register them for a total of 10 courses. Say Tech-A could then register for 2 classes, while Tech-B register for 3 classes, and Tech-C register for 5 classes. So you would need a total of 10 Technician Training Coupons.

You would get 1 Technician Training Coupon Code that would have 10 credits available on it, for use. Example: Xy3S81b

If you need more Technician Training Coupon Credits, you can purchase more. Simply place another order.

Once your technician has the Technician Training Coupon Code, provide them a list of the classes for which you would like them to register. They will then need to log on to the training site and purchase the course they have been assigned by you. They will Enter the Technician Training Coupon code at check out. The cart balance will be reduced to zero and the course and meeting information will populate in the technician’s “Myaccount” record. The course will be listed on the main profile page and the meeting details will be emailed to each registered participant and can be found under the “Meetings” button.

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